The artwork I am creating today is a visual representation of personal experiences, thoughts and emotions. Growing up in Denver, Colorado allowed for frequent visits to the Denver Art Museum, where I was exposed to the paintings of Albert Bierstadt. Bierstadt’s work left me completely spell bound, which inspired me to create work that would have the same powerful effect on people. The passion I had to create led me to Gunnison, a small, remote mountain town in Colorado. Gunnison is home to Western State University where I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Painting in May 2016. After graduation, I returned to Denver to focus on the Colorado gallery scene. May of 2018, I joyfully became Mrs. Griffith, which moved me to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for a few years. Today, I am back in Colorado, painting to create encouragement, warmth and life.

  Artist Statement


I am exploring the ideas of possessing a tranquil sense of well-being, and a quiet, inner steady confidence.  The paintings I create are personal; my work naturally reflects my own present circumstances and state of mind.  The steadiness I feel in marriage and the stability of my faith comes across in my work.  Through impressionist techniques of oil painting, I invite the viewer to see beauty and peace in themselves and in the lives around them.

For years, the subject matter of my work has revolved around the figure.  I am interested in the personal application and emotion that the human figure naturally brings when placed in a painting.  The figures that I paint are often set in the landscape which supports my interest in peace and tranquility.  I equate nature to peace because of the ample time I have spent in nature while growing up in Colorado and living in the heart of the mountains for years.  Primarily, I paint from photo references of myself, loved ones, and my surroundings.  The use of personal photo references allows me to create heightened emotion and passion in my work.  

I am drawn to expressive, bold, textural brush strokes, with the combination of soft impressionist techniques.  An impressionist style is what my application of paint naturally bends too, which I have embraced, and continue to explore.  The series of oil paintings I am creating today are embodying my desire and interest in the idea of maintaining an inner steady confidence and peace.