Artist Statement


I want to portray encouragement, warmth and life through the series of oil paintings I am creating today. Oftentimes, I am drawn to paint quiet, peaceful moments in time. The steadiness I feel in my marriage, and the stability and joy of my faith, comes across in my work. Primarily, I paint animals and figures in a landscape setting. The setting of a landscape echoes back to my core ideas of peace, beauty and life. It is very important to me to work from personal photo references as it allows me to connect with my painting, resulting in more passionate work. Even though I work from photographs, my paintings are not tied to the photograph. Painting comes alive when I divert from the photo, discovering new colors, shapes, and patterns within the composition. An impressionist style is what my application of paint naturally bends to, which I have embraced, and continue to explore. I am drawn to expressive, textural brush strokes, with the combination of soft impressionist techniques. After a wash-like underpainting, I work in a direct manner, mostly painting wet-on-wet. Through impressionist techniques of oil painting, I invite the viewer to see beauty and peace in themselves and in the lives around them.